Digital Transformation Platform

Fujitsu DXP brings together in one place all the capabilities of business process management system, business rules and decision management, analytics/learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and a whole host of other capabilities needed to make a modern enterprise solution for transforming the organization.

DXP Accelerates Your Digital Transformation Journey

  • An improved customer experience and employee experience through Richer and more actionable data.
  • Goal of reducing cost, increasing performance, reducing errors and increasing throughput of your business.
  • Optimize business processes with flexibility to support ad-hoc and define-as-you-go processes with agility and innovation.
  • Gain valuable customer insights to help you introduce new business models, value-added services, and revenue streams.
  • New approaches allow building solutions that go beyond increasing the speed of interaction with customers.
DXP Case

Our Product Highlights

Human Centric approach to DX

70+ industry accelerators built for our customers’ needs