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Fujitsu DXP: Helping Sense and Respond to Business Changes

We provide software and services to help companies continuously visualize and optimize their business processes and applications to improve and innovate while creating leaner, more efficient operations. With market conditions changing rapidly, organizations need to be equipped to iteratively develop, deploy, and optimize business processes and applications to meet these business demands - without compromising on business governance.

DXP's superior architecture lets business users and IT professionals collaborate on defining and refining business processes. It empowers knowledge workers to stretch processes to fit to the business needs. It provides developers with the ability to easily create and deploy high performance process-based applications. DXP is easily embedded into existing applications and systems and delivers a broad range of functionality along with a set of integration adapters that let organizations leverage their existing IT investments. The core elements of the DXP architecture include:

  • A web-centric design that provides strong support for both human interactions and application integration while enabling process change anywhere, anytime.
  • Unique multi-tenancy capabilities to enable cloud deployments. It allows companies to onboard multiple tenants and then deploy multiple applications for each of these tenants on a single instance of BPM. Each application is hosted as a service that customers can access via the internet. This makes DXP the ideal choice for enterprises that want to create private Cloud BPM deployments as well as for application service providers (ASPs).
  • Comprehensive Java and Web service interfaces to utilize the complete functionality of the engine.
  • Process optimization based on visualizations of real business process patterns – of processes that include both structured and unstructured activities.

This broad array of features makes DXP the ideal platform for developing enterprise-wide process-based applications, as well as for embedding BPM functionality into third-party applications and systems.